An angsty teenager complaining over lack of freedom

Not all fossil fuel can be replaced overnight. But of all the fossil fuel burnt today, coal is the easiest to replace both technically and economically. Coal is not cheap. If he healthy, that may change things. However, Brandon Graham is going to be a FA. Chris Long may retire.

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That’s singular, period. Some people don’t know when to stop it with the hilarious anecdotes and witty one liners that just go on all day long, day after day. Even if you think you know a lot of good jokes, guess what? Most people lose their spontaneous laugh after one or two takes, and they’ll cringe when they see you coming.

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1) Bracco isn close to ready. 2) Sandin isn close to ready. 3) Marincin, Borgman, or even Rosen would be fine on the third pair, and are far more likely to play there if Gardiner leaves. Obviously there are different levels of severity when it comes to family issues. For example, a death in the family, a sick or injured family member, or the difficult subject of divorce are serious problems that would interfere with everyone work, regardless of who they are. An angsty teenager complaining over lack of freedom, an unsettled feud between family members, or just an ongoing yet relatively harmless fight with a spouse are also a pain to deal with, but usually can be managed once you off the clock.

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