But a Dutch study suggests that this kind of roundabout might

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Replica Bags Planned cycle priority replica bags in china roundabout could ’cause accidents’, replica bags online uae says residentMark Lawrence Jones was quoting Dutch research that suggests roundabouts without cycle priority are saferCurrent roundabout where Fendon Road meets Queen Edith’s Way (Image: Cambridge News)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA new Dutch style roundabout is set to be built near Addenbrooke’s but some fear it might be less safe than a design without cycle priority.Cambridgeshire County Council has proposed the changes in a bid to improve road safety where Fendon best replica ysl bags Road meets Queen Edith’s Way.The design will give cyclists priority, meaning that vehicles entering or leaving the roundabout arms must give way to them.The style, replica bags china free shipping which would replace the current roundabout, is currently used in the Netherlands.But a Dutch study suggests that this kind of roundabout might be less safe than those without cycle priority sparking fears among Cambridge residents.Cyclists navigate a Dutch roundabout in the NetherlandsWhat are the concerns? A Dutch report by The Institute for Road Safety Research highlights problems that have occurred with the cyclist priority design that has been proposed.The figures, based on roads in the Netherlands, suggest that more incidents occured on roundabouts ‘with cyclist priority’ than without.Findings show that the ‘without cyclist priority’ design was 87 per cent safer than an ordinary crossroads, whereas the ‘cyclist priority design’ was only 11 per cent safer, as measured by injuries to cyclists resulting in overnight hospital stays.The report gave figures for national injuries expected in the Netherlands for the two different types of roundabout.If all roundabouts gave cyclists priority, the number of hospitalised casualties would be expected to be 61 to 85 people, while the figure for the replica bags from china design without priority would be just nine to 12 people.Mark Lawrence Jones lives in Queen Edith’s Way and is part of the road’s residents’ association. He said: “I think the council have thought that because it’s Dutch it must be safe, but this is one of the roundabouts that research suggests is less safe and causes a lot of accidents.”There’s going to be an awful lot of head swivelling of drivers going on because you really do have to look everywhere as it’s easy for cyclists to sail off in front of you when they have priority.”The design includes a red cycle lane all the way around the edge of the roundabout, with cyclists segregated from motorists.Read MoreCycling newsWhat the council says In response to the concerns, the Cambridgeshire County Council spokesperson, said: “The Fendon Road/Queen Edith’s Way roundabout is an important route for both commuters and those on their way to school or college, and is a location that over recent years has experienced many collisions involving cyclists.”The new roundabout scheme will improve safety in the area by giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists over motorists.”Cyclists and pedestrians cross each arm of the roundabout by using a parallel priority crossing. This type of crossing was formalised for use in the UK from https://www.replicabagonlines.com April 2016, and two of these are in place in Cambridge (Huntingdon Road, April 2016 and Arbury Road, September 2016). Replica Bags

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