” But as an older poet, she could see that what had appealed to

Despite Dep. Fornal’s exaggerated confidence in his own olfactory senses, he didn’t find any marijuana in the car. Well, at least not after those first several searches. It\u0027s a fraud. What what\u0027s worse, it\u0027s perpetrated by the state. And yet, if Malta is suddenly flush with cash, in other ways it\u0027s bankrupt.

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The second crime novel on Miller’s list is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Miller describes it as a “sharp, observant, current story with really well developed characters.” It’s also a page turner that could have been ripped from the headlines. Nick Dunne gets caught like a deer in the headlights by the media and the police when his wife, Amy, goes missing on their fifth anniversary.

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