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buy canada goose jacket ‘Prison is not place where people share emotions so even if you feel a certain way you have to suppress everything, which leads to mental health issues.’You have to be seen as strong when you’re in there because if you seem to be weak or vulnerable to other people, they might want to take advantage or exploit you.’When new prisoners come in, the ones who exploit others act really friendly to befriend them and the new people think they’re getting things for free.’But nothing in prison is free.Steve spent some of his time in HMP Belmarsh during his 13 year sentence (Picture: PA)’Being inside gives you a kind of hyper vigilance, you’re just watching everyone all the time to the point of paranoia and canada goose gilet black friday after a while it just becomes natural.’During his time in HMP Belmarsh in London, father of three Steve started hearing a voice in his head that had never been there prior to being jailed.He was spending up to 23 hours a day on his own in his cell, with little other than his own thoughts.I’m alive because my best friend helped me open up about my problemsIt’s A Wonderful Life script painted on platforms for mental health support campaignWhen you have bipolar disorder, the decision canada goose ladies uk to have a child becomes even more complicated’The voice was telling me that I’ve really messed up and I’m going to suffer in prison,’ he said.’It also said not only am I going to suffer in here, but my family were going to suffer.But it was when he moved canada goose gilet uk sale to HMP Swaleside in Kent, which has been branded as ‘stab city’ by other former inmates, that he saw the violence that can blight an inmates mental health (Picture: PA)During his time there, he claimed that personal hygiene was used almost as a reward system, and those prisoners who behaved were allowed to shower everyday.He said: ‘It depended on what regime you were on, if you were good you got a shower everyday but if you were bad then you might only get one or two a week.’When you’re treated inhumanely then you think you can start behaving that way. Then people take it out on the nearest people around them, which is what causes violence and fighting.’The monotony of a long sentence can also take its toll, and Steve said he felt like he lost years of his life to the routine of being in prison.Karma for tool thief who crashed car after being chased by victim’It’s a boring place and there’s not much canada goose outlet online store review to do,’ he said.’When I was in prison we didn’t have a TV. I would get books from the library once a week so that would give me something to do, and you have a little radio to listen to.’Every day is the same buy canada goose jacket.