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This is what happening with Prop 2 (independent redistricting commission) and Prop 3 (voting improvements). In both cases, the bills in Legislature right now make huge changes, but GOP leaders in both chambers are claiming, “We just adding the details that the voters didn include; we not changing the substance of what voters approved.” They acting as though this is the case, and will proceed to act like these bills have passed and are legitimate law with a simple 50% 1 majority vote. They know this will go to court, but they think their legal defense is good enough that the Michigan Supreme Court (which is a Republican majority) will not rule against them..

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The original article in the Miami Herald mentions how the women jail staff went above and beyond to defend this woman and even filed a complaint esp as they had already done a strip and cavity search for drugs and had confirmed the phenotypical sex as “female” before booking her. Ultimately it was in vain as their higher ups sided with medical staff. They even argued with the delusional nurse who is the main culprit behind this disaster.

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With all the parts necessary to build six solar powered models; propeller plane, locomotive, bulldozer, helicopter, backhoe and twin rotor helicopter. The solar panel is made of three solar cells and generates 1.5V of electricity. A cradle is included to allow for use with the solar panel or a AA battery (not included).