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But these firefighters, an African American, a Cuban and two white men, say the chief’s allegation of racism couldn’t be further from the truth. That the picture is about ten years old and isn’t even up anymore. That it was all a joke between two firefighters.

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Too often, Shakespeare’s plays are ruined by people trying to adapt them, but “Midsummer Jersey” falls far beyond this. The cast was phenomenal, extremely funny and excellent at their craft. The crew was superb, and the supporting cast was absolutely brilliant.

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He also lectures frequently on a national basis, including speeches before the American Law Institute American Bar Association (ALI ABA), the International Forum, the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU), the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), and numerous life insurance companies, brokerage firms and trade associations. Julius has published a number of articles on estate planning appearing in professional journals such as the Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal (BNA), The Practical Tax Lawyer (ALI ABA), the Journal of Practical Estate Planning (CCH) and Advisor Today. Julius has also been selected by his peers as a Michigan “Super Lawyer” in estate planning..

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He was diagnosed with a bone bruise and is expected to sit out about a week. Tight end Tyler Petite was out in concussion protocol. Safety Marvell Tell III was held out because of hamstring tightness.. In my research, I build on the critical thought and methods of American studies and literary scholarship. My work considers contemporary portrayals of ethnicity, gender and sexuality in transnational literature and expression. Specifically, I study how texts and performances portray marginalized identities within the contexts of family and migration to the United States.