He replied that I shouldn worry

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cheap canada goose uk This is WEEKEND EDITION buy canada goose uk from NPR News. I’m Scott Simon, this week from the studios of WBEZ in Chicago. The 2016 presidential campaign has taken another astonishing turn. The letter seeks cooperation and assistance in investigating Modi assets in the UK and aspects related to his alleged criminal and financial offences, including money laundering.Home Office sources said no application for asylum has been submitted by Modi, who has family in the UK, but an expert legal team is said to be working on submitting one.Modi has a jewellery store called Nirav Modi in Mayfair, where business is as usual.Since asylum on political grounds is unlikely after India was placed in the list of countries for such purposes in 2005, Modi is canada goose t shirt uk likely to seek refuge on the ground of risk to his human rights in jail, if extradited to India.Currently, the four major grounds for considering canada goose outlet in uk asylum applications from Indian citizens are sexual orientation and gender identity, prison conditions, women fearing gender based harm or violence, and religious minority groups.Kartik Mittal, senior solicitor at London based law firm Zaiwalla Co, said: interesting element is Modi choice of UK for seeking asylum, over perhaps Belgium where he grew up.both countries are signatories to the European Convention of Human Rights, there is a debate in UK surrounding replacing the current Human Rights Act (which gives the European Court of Human Rights jurisdiction) with a tougher Bill of Human Rights. Added, the present human rights framework, an appeal to the European court is possible beyond the member states highest court, and it is known that the European court tends to favour an asylum seeker when there is a case for human rights violation.Applicants seeking asylum raise the fear of being imprisoned on return to India and that prison conditions are so poor that they amount to torture or inhuman treatment or punishment.Poor prison conditions have been raised in prevent extradition in other cases, including those of businessman Vijay Mallya and suspected cricket bookie Sanjeev Chawla.An asylum application on the ground of poor prison conditions is assessed against the UK obligation to uphold Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights. The Home Office reportedly has a large backlog of asylum applications, with decisions taking years cheap canada goose uk.