‘He ventured out on his own free will and hislocal contacts

buy canada goose jacket cheap He had written to his family beforehand and told them not to blame the Sentinelese people if he did not make it out alive.Despite the fact that the tribe is protected and it is illegal for anyone to try to go onto the island, Indian police have lodged a murder case against its members and some of the people who helped Chau get there.’He loved God, life, help those in need, and had nothing but love for the Sentinelese people.’We forgive those reportedly responsible for his death. We also ask for the release of those friends he had in the Andaman Islands.’He ventured out on his own free will and hislocal contacts need not be persecuted for his own actions,’ the family said in their Instagram statement.The Sentinelese tribe are an indigenous tribe who live on North Sentinal Island, lies around 450 miles from the coast of Thailand and more than 745 miles from mainland IndiaThe Andaman and Nicobar Police Department has arrested seven people including five fishermen and two of Chau’s friends, alleging that they helped him get to the island despite it being illegal for anyone to go there.It remains unclear if the police department has merely opened a murder investigation for the purposes of thoroughness or if they intend to level charges against the group which would pose a labyrinth of logistical and ethical challenges given its status as a protected tribe.Police are still unsure of how they will even retrieve Chau’s body because of the tribe’s hostility.International Christian Concern, an anti persecution group based out of Washington DC, issued a statement about Chau’s death demanding that the tribe be brought to justice.It alleged that he was killed because he was Christian and not because he approached the island where no one but the tribe has lived for 30,000 years.’Please do not be angry at them’: John Chau’s letter to his parents You guys might think I’m crazy in all this but I think it’s worth it to declare Jesus to these people.Please do not be angry at them or at God if I get killed.Rather please live you lives in obedience to whatever he has called you to and I’ll see you again when you pass through the veil.This is not a pointless thing the eternal lives of this tribe is at hand and I can’t wait to see them around the throne of God worshiping in their own language as Revelations 7:9 10 states.I love you all and I pray none of you love anything in this world more than Jesus Christ.’Soli Deo gloria.William Stark, ICC’s Regional Manager, said, ‘We here at International Christian Concern are extremely concerned by the reports of an American missionary being murdered in India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands.’Our thoughts and prayers go out to both John’s family and friends. Every day, new reports of persecution are being documented in India. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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