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4) Mix all these ingredients together with the chicken, and cover and keep in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. You can keep the marinated chicken in the freezer if you would like to use it at a later date, the more time the chicken remains marinated, the better it is for our recipe. The idea is to not let the steam escape and let the half cooked rice and chicken cook inside the pot with the steam and the wonderful aromas of the ingredients.

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Attacking people of a sect serves their purpose as this triggers an unending series of retaliatory attacks merely on the basis of suspicion. Says the basic issues of different Islamic sects are the same. They believe in one God, follow the same Prophet, and perform the same rituals.

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“It’s unpleasant, it’s loud, it’s claustrophobic,” she tells NPR’s All Things Considered. “You see people who are desperately sick. I mean, desperately sick. The site of the battle, fought 150 years ago this week, is on a dairy farm 15km southeast of Te Awamutu. It will be signposted from main roads like many historic places around the country but few will go to see it. At many of these places there is nothing but farmland to see.

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