local audiences can catch the show

And now, local audiences can catch the show when Broadway Theatre League of Northeastern Pennsylvania presents 16 performances at the cultural center starting with a preview Tuesday, Feb. 4, and running through Sunday, Feb. 16.. Obama wins in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire all states that Romney had contested put pressure on the Republican to score victories in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, three battleground states where the race remained too close to call. Economy. Congress that looked likely to maintain the same partisan makeup..

“I was at a few Hershey tournaments, but I never really got a chance to meet a really big player or one of my idols like this so I was really happy I could do that for these kids,” Pulisic said. Men’s national team is tired. And helping his country to a barely precedented 1 1 draw against Mexico in a stadium where American national team players often puke from exhaustion and have lost on all but one competitive occasion..

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Alito would undermine basic reproductive rights, said Karen Pearl, the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Is outrageous that President Bush would replace a moderate conservative like Justice O with a conservative hard liner. Among feminists and liberals, who fear that Alito will join Justice Antonin Scalia as a member of the court conservative bloc, the nominee heritage and judicial philosophy have earned him the nickname If confirmed, Alito would be the court fifth member of the Roman Catholic faith..

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Feeling a lot better now, Christie said by phone from Florida on Monday. The result came back, I said I want to be somewhat vocal about it, because this is something that can be prevented. Or at least if it is diagnosed early, it makes a heckuva difference.

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