“Many people go on to do many postdocs,” she says

Fake Hermes Bags Inside the UK’s first pop up Goop (Image: Splash News)Get Weekly Fashion updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersShe’s told us our vaginas need to be steamed, introduced us to “earthing” (walking barefoot on the ground, without having to actually walk barefoot on the ground) and tried to make us pay over the odds for the most basic of items. And yet this week Gwyneth Paltrow has made her most offensive move yet.The first international Goop pop up shop just opened in London because, according to its chief content officer Elise Loehnen, “it’s the home of Goop”.Dunno about you but that statement seems wrong in every possible way.Yes, Goop started life a decade ago as an almost unpastiche able mailout, written at Gwyneth’s kitchen table in the Belsize Park mansion she was pre consciously uncouplingly sharing with Coldplay ex Chris Martin.But today it’s a multi million dollar, multi franchise business, flogging fashion, beauty, vitamins, jade eggs to put in unmentionable places and stuff you could probably get much, much cheaper pretty much anywhere else in the world High Quality Hermes Replica , even if you flew there first class.(Image: Splash News)The first Goop store opened in LA last September selling ayurvedic herbs, wellness supplements, clothing and make up. Unashamedly promoting Gwyneth’s luxurious, lavish lifestyle, it was widely criticised for its elitism.Among the most ridiculed items were a $200 bed sheet that can be plugged into a grounding port of an electrical outlet for “earthing”, a $15,000 vibrator, a psychic vampire repellent, a rose gold champagne tumbler for $2,590, a full moon bra burning cleansing ritual and a recipe for “sex bark” containing Ho Shou Wu and Moon Juice’s Sex Dust.”Sex is something that Gwyneth has been really forward on,” gushes Elise, actually missing a trick by not selling a $3,590 rose gold bucket for people to puke into when reading that sentence.The UK Goop store is in swanky Notting Hill, perfectly at home alongside expensive designer neighbours like Joseph and Matches, and will be open until January. Fake Hermes Bags

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