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Who managed to get at the back of the chief German defences charged with such impetus that everything but the zest of the rush was forgotten. This charge was notable even in respect of the distance covered. It was an athlete an Olympic charge as well as a great feat of arms and before the end a triumph of endurance.

I think the beauty of reddit is that we can have discussions about content and the creators can see the content we make about their content. It in a very public place and it provides really cool ways for people to interact. I think that the last part of my post perhaps words it better than my title if contestants come here, I hope they take (some) things with a grain of salt and understand that people here aren’t writing things with the intention of being hurtful or breaking the contestants down.

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No one knows when the next such episode will happen, says Henrik Svensen at the University of Oslo in Norway. Similar sized eruptions happened 200, 180 and 65 million years ago, so they’re not terribly regular. But one will surely happen eventually, and when it does the key question will be where it goes off..

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