That was the problem that confronted George Bauer (aka

As a result, I turned to Rosie as a symbol to convey the transformation we have taken from the times canada goose outlet toronto factory of WWII. I made Rosie a woman of color, because as an artist I feel it’s my job to paint diversity. I recently read how important it is for children, especially for children of color, to see images of canada goose outlet reviews Barack Obama in their schools.

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canada goose uk shop Parallel to not having a word for something in the language being translated into is writing something de novo and not having the word for something. That was the problem that confronted George Bauer (aka Georgius Agricola) in the 1550 when writing his treatise on mining technology, in Latin, De Re Metallica. Being a dead language, there were no words for some things, so he devised them. canada goose uk shop

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canada goose coats The court found that even if only one student makes a report, if the school possesses knowledge that both were intoxicated, “the school has an affirmative obligation to investigate both students for misconduct without waiting for a ‘report,'” Engel said.In other words college students and administrators take note the days of blaming one person (almost always the man) for a no harm, no foul, mutually drunken hook up may be coming to an end. canada goose outlet uk sale It was a ridiculous standard, one that that infantilized college women, demonized male sexuality, and was responsible for harsh punishment meted out to an unknown number of college students, almost all of them male. It trivialized something grave: canada goose outlet new york city sex crime. canada goose coats

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