The Q2FY19 results were encouraging with nearly

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This individual also accepted that he had received information about the individual 1 and individual 11 (Raj Kundra) taking part in betting activities but was informed by the ICC ACSU chief that this was not actionable information. This individual also accepted that this information was not conveyed to any other individual,’ the report added.Rajasthan Royals co owner Raj Kundra could also be in trouble as he also was found guilty of having contacts with bookies during IPL 6.Rajasthan Royals co owners Raj Kundra with his wife, Shilpa. Photograph: BCCI’Individual 11 (Raj Kundra): This individual was in touch with bookies about betting and thus by not reporting contact with the bookie has violated BCCI/IPL Anti Corruption Code.

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They have multiple litters a year and the litters are of significant size. They also can become monstrous in size and were causing billions of dollars in damage across the south.That being said, I am a firm believer that whatever you kill should be fully utilized for food and anything else that possible. Killing for the sake of killing is not hunting to me.

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