When she did not agree, he felt his honour had been offended

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Canada Goose Online Iran forcible surgery for gaysThe television program that inspired the Twiter exchange at the bottom of this post actually aired in April, but I didn learn some things about Iran odious policies towards canada goose outlet mississauga homosexuals until I investigatedthatexchange yesterday, when Knight rebuked the first gentleman on Twier for canada goose jacket outlet toronto his gross misunderstanding of what actually happningin Iran.We all knowthat homosexuality is a legaloffense in some Middle Eastern countries, as it violates Islamic law law set out not in the Qur which is unclear on the issue, but in the hadith. In Iran, homosexuality has been illegal for over eighty years, but in fact was tolerated under Shah Reza Pahlavai.That all changed whenthe Shah was deposed in 1979during the Islamic Revolution, andhomosexuality and transsexuality became crimes punishable by death. Sevenyears later, though, transsexuals were legally reclassified as Since gays were lashed and then executed if the whip didn prove a deterrent, this new policy opened a legal pathfor gay males to continue having sexual relationships with men. But that meant having their penis and testicles cut off, and living transgendered as awoman.Since we know now that being gay is not a but abehavioral imperative and one that does not respect national boundaries gay Iranian males either mustto repress their behavior, exercise it in secret at risk to their lives, flee canada goose outlet uk the country, or get sex reassignment surgery and live as females. Many apparently choose the last option, but canada goose outlet winnipeg address clearly that choice made under coercion, one carrying serious medical risks. As the YouTube description notes:Post revolution Iran is notorious for its religiosity: when Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in 1979 he enforced strict Islamic custom that made homosexuality punishable by death. Surprisingly, though, the state treats transsexuals differently, allowing sexual reassignment surgery and https://www.winterdownparkas.com in some cases even paying for it. It’s canada goose outlet online store review become so widespread there, in canada goose outlet in canada fact, that Iran is now one of the world capitals for the procedure.But the fatwa allowing the surgery has a grim drawback: families, therapists, and the state see gender reassignment as a solution to the “illness” of homosexuality not understanding the risks of forcing the long, life changing process of a sex change on someone who wasn born wanting it. Gay Iranians now face the agonizing choice of fleeing their communities or permanently changing who they are.A VICE program on the issue was commissioned by HBO and aired last April; the entire program is embedded below. Do watch it if you have the time, for its coverage canada goose outlet florida of the issue is thorough, including personal, religious, and medical issues. Gays should of course have that option, but it clear that many Iranian gays get the surgery as theironly viable option canada goose outlet in new york to either death or exile. Thus, the tweet by the first at the very bottom of this post I use the term very loosely was based on either duplicity or sheer ignorance. That person impliesthat Iran policies toward LGBTQ peopleare enlightened, with the government actually favoring and subsidizing sex change operations to help gays. But of course that not the situation at all: it largely a form canada goose outlet niagara falls of punishment, canada goose parka outlet uk and a severe one. It done notto help canada goose victoria parka outlet gays, but forcethem to conform toreligious dogma.Those Westerners who ally themselves with Muslim extremists holdingodious viewslike the onesdiscussed here, and who claimto do so on groundsof favoring the oppressed, should realize who they getting into bed with. That was, for instance, the mistake made by the Feminist Society of Goldsmiths College when they and, ironically, its LGBTQ Society allied themselves against Maryam Namazie and with the Islamic Society, whose own president opposes equal rights forwomenand gays. That president, Muhammed Patel, has since resigned. Here are two of them:A pervasive strain of toxic western feminism is on show here. It seems they hold two books for equality: One for themselves, and one for the browner, less ‘them’ people. Like Namazie, they should be screaming from the rooftops about the oppression visited on women in the name of Islam. Instead, we have an instance where a group of men openly harassed canada goose outlet miami and intimidated a woman minority (Iranian ex Muslim), and the feminist society chose to stand with her aggressors. canada goose shop uk ‘Feminists’ siding with Islamists is akin to PETA sponsoring your local steak night. This is an utterly shameful display canada goose outlet in toronto of moral confusion.The double standard also applies to the Goldsmiths LGBTQ ers. Howdare they ally themselves with a society whose president (along with many of its members) opposes equal rights for gays, issues homophobic tweets, canada goose outlet canada goose outlet las vegas and stands againstNamazie, who favors LGBTQrights? What sort of twisted doublethink could create suchbehavior?Well, we know. It the doublethink that says it okay to deny canada goose outlet ontario gays and women rights so long as oppressed of color are doing the denial.Finally, you might find this exchange with Ali Rivzi enlightening and amusing.One never knows. A lot of times it about canada goose jacket outlet sale framing and tipping points. I been having discussions like this with my anti Western kind of liberal friends for years, but I was always engaging them on the niggling details of whatever topic was at hand, canada goose outlet authentic engaging with the accounting of who has done more harm to who, for example, without really clearly noticing and putting my finger on the nature of the moral shortcut they are taking: defend the person with less power. canada goose clothing uk I didn name this on my own, I read it in places like this. Once clearly named, this has helped me to see all of the little details as rather irrelevant. Power is not related to moral standing in any meaningful way (who was more moral, Montezuma or Cortez?), so obviously they are going to go awry with this moral shortcut. I only clearly named this idea canada goose outlet trillium parka black in the last year, maybe. The cartoon related message of up really helped to bring it into sharper clarity for me as I contemplated way is up? The fact that they described their moral intuition in terms like that also helped me to accept that they really were using some imagined power structure as a proxy for moral valence. All this to say, if I only just now getting some clarity about all of this, I canada goose outlet vancouver think there canada goose outlet black friday is hope that a lot more people can get some clarity too.At the very least, it has given me clarity enough not to be cowed by the superficial moral zeal of canada goose outlet michigan these people.A disturbing story, but what happening in Finland and Germany is even more so the snow covered town of Kempele, 400 miles north of canada goose outlet in vancouver Helsinki, locals are angry after a youth migrant centre opened in the town and two weeks later a schoolgirl aged 14 was raped.Friday, the alleged principal perpetrator was already in custody. Here are the facts: Maria P. had befriended a 19 year old Turk. She was in the final stage of pregnancy. The German citizen with Turkish origin demanded that she have an abortion. When she did not agree, he felt his honour had been offended. On Thursday evening he drove with her into a forested area on the Brenlauchstrae in Lower Schneweide and stabbed twice at her abdomen with a knife. As she desperately defended herself, he and canada goose outlet winnipeg his canada goose outlet online uk friend poured gasoline over the still living Maria, who was soon to give birth, and set her on fire. (The head of the secret police resigned after he was caught shredding files relating to a terror cell.) Canada Goose Online.